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GGPoker, 게임 트래픽 사상 최고치로 급증.

Online poker network GGPoker has widened its lead in cash game traffic rankings, consistently maintaining around 9000 seats for over four weeks, the latest cash game data reveal.

On August 1, GGPoker’s cash game traffic hit an all-time high, with 9359 concurrent seats, surpassing its previous peak in July.

In comparison, PokerStars, historically the world’s largest online poker room, lags significantly behind with traffic hovering around 3,500 seats, a mere fraction of GGPoker’s numbers.

“GGPoker has proven itself to be the best place to go for cash game action, and we’re truly delighted that so many continue to take part in the world’s favorite card game on our platform,” said Paul Burke, Head of Public Relations at GGPoker to PRO.



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