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GGPoker, 글로벌 온라인 포커 시장에서 독보적인 위치로 절반을 차지

GGPoker controls almost half of the international “dot-com” online poker market and is larger than the following five online poker operators combined, the latest cash game traffic reveals.

According to data tracked by independent industry monitor GameIntel, accessible on PRO’s Data Platform, in July, GGPoker’s traffic averaged 6,839 concurrent cash game players, making up 46% of the entire dot-com market.

PokerStars, historically the largest online poker room in the world, saw traffic of just over 3700 averaged across the month, for a market share of approximately 25%. All other operators combined make up the remaining 30%.

GGPoker’s traffic is now higher than the next five largest operators. iPoker, which operates a B2B online poker network for over a dozen online poker rooms, sits third with just over 1000 players; partypoker and 888poker each have approximately 600. New entry WPT Global averaged traffic of just over 600 players, though these numbers are preliminary.

GGPoker’s growth is remarkable. Just two years ago, traffic was less than half what it is today. While most of the market goes through significant slumps in summer, GGPoker’s seasonal swing is barely perceptible on its charts of recent years..



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