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As 2023 drew to a close, GGPoker, the global leader in online poker, continued its annual tradition by releasing an infographic marking some statistics for the year. It is the third consecutive year it has showcased its milestones and accomplishments, providing a rare insight into the true size of the operation.

This year’s stats unveil yet another astonishing year for GGPoker, marked by phenomenal growth in both tournament prize money and the sheer volume of hands dealt.

One standout accomplishment of the year was the increase in tournament prize money. The platform paid out $3.01 billion across all tournaments held last year. This equates to an average of over $250 million per month and $8.25 million every day. The tournament prize money represents a 10% increase from the $2.73 billion awarded in 2022 and a 30% surge compared to the $2.30 billion generated in 2021.

The volume of hands dealt on the platform was equally noteworthy. An astonishing 3.8 billion hands were played throughout the year. It works out at approximately 316 million hands in a month, or 10.41 million hands per day.

To put it another way — it is 433,333 hands an hour, every hour of the day — or 120 hands every single second.



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